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Ministry is Hard.

And every ministry wife needs— and deserves—encouragement.

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Help! I'm Married to My Pastor

Encouragement for Ministry Wives and Those Who Love Them​

Ministry is hard. And every ministry wife needs—and deserves—encouragement.

A woman marries a man, not his ministry. But all too often her husband’s calling complicates their life together. What if ministry life isn’t what she bargained for? What happens when her children make mistakes? How does she deal with church gossip, or even slander?

As a pastor’s wife of almost fifty years, Jani Ortlund addresses these questions, along with many others, as she offers encouragement and guidance to ministry wives. Jani reminds readers that God works out his delightfully good purposes in and through their sacrifices.

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Jani Ortlund

Jani Ortlund is a well-known writer and conference speaker. She is the wife of Raymond Ortlund Jr., who is an author, a former seminary professor and pastor, and the president at Renewal Ministries. Jani, a former schoolteacher, holds a master’s degree in education and serves as executive vice president at Renewal Ministries. The Ortlunds have four children and fifteen grandchildren.

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Help! I'm Married to My Pastor

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“This book is for every ministry wife who has ever felt alone and fears she might not have what it takes to sustain a happy ministry marriage.”

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