Curriculum Suggestions for a One-Year Discipleship Group (PDF)

Thinking of discipling others? Download Jani's “Curriculum Suggestions” as discussed in her Podcast series on Discipleship to use as a guide.

Our Commitment to Each Other (PDF)

Prepare your discipleship group for success by printing out this PDF. When the commitment is clear, there is room for trust and safety within your group. Start your year off together with this simple tool!

“My Evangelistic Connections” (PDF)

We must first be the people of God before we can do the work of God for our Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers/Tradespeople – those who are in our neighborhood, even across the street. Nehemiah 3:28 suggests that everyone should begin “over against his own house.” Listen to Episode 150 to learn more!

Free Download: “The ACTS Acrostic”

The “ACTS” Acrostic can be a helpful tool for any Christian when they pray. The principles of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication can help us regain perspective and walk in forgiveness and faith each day of our lives.

Free Download: “Writing Life Goals” (PDF)

Practical questions to ask yourself as you think through and set goals for your life. When you come to the end of your life, what do you want to look back on? How will you get there?

Free Download: “Hints for Extended Quiet Time” (PDF)

Within the “Hints for Extended Quiet Time” (PDF) are 12 practical tips to linger with the Lord during an "extended" quiet time.

Free Download: “Bible Memory Worksheet” (PDF)

Learn a tried-and-true method for storing up God’s Word in your heart (Psalm 119:11)!

Free Download: “My Weekly Schedule” (PDF)

Download and fill out your "Weekly Schedule" as a new way to pray for one another in your group!

Free Download: “How the Bible is Organized” (PDF)

This is a simple, practical overview of how all 66 books of the Old and New Testament are lined up, so they can make sense to us in their structure as it pertains to History, Experience, and Prophecy.

Free Download: “Basic Theme of the Old Testament” (PDF)

Get a birds-eye view of the basic theme of the Old Testament where God imposes his reign of peace and righteousness upon a rebellious world.

Free Download: “Old Testament Timeline” (PDF)

From Abraham to Jesus, this timeline will help you see the history of Israel in the years before the Messiah.

Free Download: “Romans 12 Bible Memory Worksheet” (PDF)

Download and print out Romans 12:9-21 with prompts to assist with Bible Memory, that the word of Christ may dwell in your richly!

Featured Resource

The "9 Biblical Principles We Used to Raise Our Children" that we discuss in Episode 26 "Giving Grace to Your Child" has been prepared in PDF format for you to download and print at home.

Featured Resource

Download our "Prayer for My Little Princess" PDF that we discuss in Episode 27 "Praying for Your Little Princess". Print it at home to pray for the women God has entrusted to you.

Featured Resource

Download our "Prayer for My Little Prince" PDF that we discuss in Episode 27 "Praying for Your Little Prince". Print it at home to pray for the men God has entrusted to you.

Download the “Biography Assignment” (PDF)

This sheet asks 5 Questions that will help you prepare your report for your discipleship group about the biography you read.

Favorite Children's Literature

Our inexhaustive list of "Favorite Children's Literature" that we discuss in Episode 96 has been prepared in PDF format for you to download and print at home.

Free Download: “Call Back”

Have you ever wanted to ask someone who’s a little farther ahead of you in their pathway toward heaven to call back to you? Would you call back to me and tell me what it’s like up there, and then help me walk to where you are? This is the heart of discipleship.

Download the Recipe

Download Jani's Cinnamon Rolls Recipe and help make Sunday morning the best morning of the week!


Download Chapter 3, “Help! I Want to Fix Him” and get a sneak peek into Jani's book Help! I'm Married to My Pastor.


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