Technology Partners & Services

Non-Profit Tools for Impact

These are some of the most important tools and services that we use at Renewal Ministries. Many offer discounted (or free) accounts to non-profits for which we are grateful!

WordPress powers our website. It also powers 30% of all websites! We love using it manage all of our content.

Flywheel hosts our website. It is a truly beautiful platform, and the performance (up-time and speed) is a joy to experience.

Buzzsprout hosts our podcast. Besides many loving reviews about being easiest way to host, promote and track your podcast.

MailChimp helps us send beautiful e-newsletters. It lets our donors and supporters manage their preferences and protects everyone from SPAM.

Asana helps us work as a team as we organize, track, and manage our projects both in the States and in South Sudan.

Google’s G Suite for Nonprofits allows us to use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. to communicate and collaborate online.

Zapier allows us to automate workflows for the various web-services listed above so we can keep our systems up-to-date.


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